Real Property Records

Document Pages Fee
Official Public Records 1st Page $11.00
Additional Pages $4.00
Last Page must have 6 to 8 inches blank space or pay $4.00
Federal Tax Liens   $16.00
Abstracts of Judgments   $11.00
Additional Pages or Backside $4.00
Honorable Discharge and DD214   No Charge


Document Fee
18x24 Maps $50.00
Smaller Maps $50.00
Miscellaneous Maps $50.00


Document Fee
Non-Certified Copies, per page $1.00
Certified Copies, per page $1.00
Certificate, per document $5.00

Miscellaneous Charges

Document Fee
Cattle Brands (each location) $11.00


Document Pages Fee
Stevedore   $13.50
Warehouse   $10.50
Indemnify   $6.50
Processing for service $4.00
Recording after service $9.00
Additional pages $2.00
Statutory Payment or Performance Bond   $10.50
(Contracts)   $2.00
  Additional pages $2.00
Trustees Notice   $8.00

Vital Statistics

Document Fee
Marriage License $67.00
Declaration of Informal $32.00
Marriage License Copies $6.00
Marriage License Copies after 9-94 $7.00
Birth Certificate (Certified Copy) $22.00
Death Certificate (Certified Copy) $20.00
Death Certificate - Additional Copies $3.00
Vital Statistic Preservation Fee $1.00

Assumed Name

Document Fee
Assumed Name Certificate $9.00
Corporation $9.50
Each Name Indexed $0.50
Abandonment $8.00

UCC Financing Statements

Uniform Commercial Code in Real Property Records:

Document Fee
Non-Standard 1st page up to signature $36.00
(each additional page) $4.00
(each additional debtor) $5.00
Standard (real property) $19.00
Each Additional Debtor $5.00
UCC National Form (personal) $16.00
UCC National Form (additional debtor) $5.00
UCC Non-Standard Form (personal) $31.00
UCC Non-Standard Form (additional debtor) $5.00
DTR Non-Standard Form $11.00
Each Additional Debtor $5.00
Amendment Form (per box) $10.00
Amendment Form (real property records) $25.00
Amendment Form (indexing fee applies when amendment adds or changes more than one debtor name or address (same for real property)) $5.00
UCC request for Information (personal only)
UCC National Form (per name searched) $10.00
Expedited handling fee (per request) $5.00
Copies per page but not less than $5.00 per request $1.50
Each Statement in excess of 10 Statements $0.50

NOTE: all fees include a $5.00 Records Management and a $1.00 Security Fee in accordance with Senate Bill 770 and Senate Bill 243. Effective in 2004 all fees will also include a $4.00 Record Archival Fee in accordance with SSS118.025. Effective January 1, 1996, the National Financing Statement Form replaced the Standard Form UCC. Also effective June 1, 1999, Amendment and Information Request Form will replace the UCC3 and UCC II Forms