General Information

Nueces County is responsible for providing emergency shelter to our local residents in the unincorporated areas of the county and the cities of Agua Dulce, Bishop, Driscoll, and Petronila. If emergency shelters are established, they may range in size from accommodations for a few individuals, all the way to accommodations for large groups. They may only be needed for a few hours or several days. The primary objective for a shelter is to provide a safe place for those who are displaced. Smaller shelters may simply offer a safe place during bad weather, while larger shelters may provide things like meals, sleeping areas, shower facilities and access to a variety of assistance.


Shelters may be opened for many different types of emergencies such as wildfire or flooding. Shelters will not be opened pre-landfall of a hurricane. The county may open general population shelters after a hurricane to accommodate those whose homes are not habitable.

Nueces County Partners

Nueces County partners with the American Red Cross and facility owners to provide for sheltering needs of the community in emergencies. The American Red Cross signs pre-disaster agreements with local governments, schools, churches and other organizations to use their facilities for shelter in emergency situations. The county’s shelter plans include the whole community and the integration of individuals with disabilities or other functional and access needs. All shelters must meet the standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act. Each of the currently identified potential shelter locations may need minor modifications to fully meet this standard prior to opening. The following school districts have been identified as the most accessible possible shelters: Agua Dulce ISD, Banquete ISD, Bishop CISD, Driscoll ISD & London ISD.