List of Judges

Chief Justice Rogelio Valdez
Justice Nelda V. Rodriguez
Justice Dori Contreras
Justice Gina M. Benavides
Justice Nora L. Longoria
Justice Leticia Hinojosa

Description of Office

The Thirteenth Court of Appeals serves the Corpus Christi and Edinburg, Texas area. The court consists of six Justices hearing cases out of twenty counties.

The Thirteenth Court of Appeals was created in 1963 by amendment to Article 1817, V.T.C.S., pursuant to authority granted by Article 5, Section 1, Texas Constitution. The Court is composed of a Chief Justice and five justices. This Court has intermediate appellate jurisdiction in both civil and criminal cases appealed from lower courts; in civil cases where the judgment exceeds $100, exclusive of costs, and in criminal cases, except in post-conviction writs of habeas corpus and where the death penalty has been imposed. The Thirteenth Court of Appeals serves a twenty-county area and maintains offices in Corpus Christi and Edinburg.

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