The process for selecting prospective jurors is mandated by state law. If you are a registered voter, have a Texas driver’s license or Texas personal identification card, and you live in Nueces County, your name is entered in a computer system designed to randomly select prospective jurors.

Nueces County provides jurors for twenty-one courts within Nueces County. Those courts include 8 District Courts, 5 County Courts, and 9 Justice of the Peace Courts. The Court Administrator makes a random selection of names, which are retrieved at least a month prior to the service date. Those selected receive a summons that is mailed by the Sheriff’s Department.

Because the names in our jury pool are provided by two different sources there is the potential of having a name twice on our system. The Secretary of State combines the names from the voter registration list and the DPS list, however, their software cannot detect duplicates if there is any difference in name or address between the two sources. This can make it possible for a person to receive more than one jury summons within a short period of time.