In order to claim ownership, you will be required to pay Sheriff Office fees in the full amount via cashiers check or money order before livestock is released to the owner.

*Fees will be based on man hours worked, mileage, and established NCSO and impound fees.

To claim ownership of estray livestock, please contact the Sheriff's Department at (361) 887-2248.

Please make contact with the Sheriff's Office within 14 days of the posting notice regarding a livestock animal.

Information of Impound of Estray Livestock

Date Impounded: 08-09-2019
Case Number: 19001309
Where Livestock was Found: FM 4654 and FM 1889, Robstown, TX.
Location of Livestock Being Stabled: Barnyard Sanctuary, Sandia, TX.
Description of Estray: 1 female potbelly pig, pink in color with blue spots