The Committee shall serve as an advisory body to the Commissioners Court, on matters within the scope of this order.
  1. Make, or review, all recommendations to the Commissioners Court for modification or amendments to the Nueces County Beach Management Plan.
  2. Review and recommend to the Commissioners Court actions and all Dune Protection Permits.
  3. Make recommendations on issues regarding coastal management.


Membership shall be composed of six to ten members and a chairperson appointed by the Commissioners Court. The Commissioners Court shall make appointments to all committees.


On March 25, 1992, Commissioners Court adopted the Nueces County Coastal Management Plan, Beach Traffic Orders, Beach Access Plan, Animal Control Orders, and Dune Protection Plan, collectively to be known as the Nueces County Coastal Management Plan. The Commissioners Court under Chapter III of Nueces County Coastal Management Plan established such advisory committees. These committees serve to assist the Commissioners Court in fulfilling their obligations under this plan and the Texas Natural Resources Code, Section 61 and 63. Revised July 14, 1993, Chapter VI Revised plan adopted August 23, 1995 and name changed to Nueces County Beach Management Plan.


Third Wednesday of each month.


Two-year terms with board positions expiring in December of odd-numbered years.