The Commission has the responsibility to make, publish and enforce rules relating to:
1) selection and classification of county employees
2) competitive examination
3) promotions, seniority and tenure
4) layoffs and dismissals
5) disciplinary actions
6) grievance procedures and other procedural and substantive rights of employees, and
7) other matters having to do with selection of employees and their advancement, rights, benefits, and working conditions.


The Commissioners Court shall appoint three members to serve as the members of the civil service commission that administers the system. The Commissioners Court shall designate one of the members as the chairman of the Commission. Each member of the commission is appointed for a term of two years. The Commissioners Court shall fill a vacancy on the commission by appointing a person to serve the unexpired part of the member whose position is vacant.

Creation & Authority

The Nueces County Commissioners Court is authorized under Section 158.0065, Section 158.03 Local Government Code, Vernon's Texas Codes (H.B. 2804, 72nd Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 1991). An order adopted under this section was placed in the minutes of Commissioners Court meeting of October 23, 1991 which created a Civil Service System for Nueces County employees, as defined by statute and other authority. To be eligible for appointment to the commission, a person must be
(1) at least 25 years old, and
(2) have resided in the county for the three years immediately preceding the date on which the person's term will begin.


As deemed necessary.


Two year term with board positions expiring in December of odd-numbered years.