To utilize and improve rail systems for economic benefit in Nueces County. The Rural Rail District would be eligible to qualify for private, state, and federal funds in order to develop the infrastructure necessary to assure the most efficient and economical movement of essential agricultural products from the areas of production to the local, national, and export markets.


The board shall consist of at least four members to be appointed by the Commissioners Court of Nueces County. Vacancies, as they occur, shall be filled by appointment of Commissioners Court.

Creation & Authority

Established by Commissioners Court on May 23, 2001, Volume 32, Page 759 of Commissioners Court Minutes in accordance with the provisions of Article 6550c, Vernon's Annotated Texas Commissioners Court meeting of June 27, 2001, Volume 32, Page 808.


The board shall meet monthly or as deemed necessary.


Five directors to be appointed for terms of two years.