The Special Task Unit (STU) is to assist in meeting the Adult Protective Services (APS) Unit's objectives, which include case consultation, providing different perspectives, identifying and developing needed resources, and acting as a sounding board for APS caseworkers. Members of the STU may be asked to provide education for other team members on matters on which they have expertise.


A Provider of mental health services or aging services or a representative of a nonprofit entity serving persons with disabilities; a representative of a law enforcement agency; a legal expert, who is either the APS attorney, or the county or district attorney that will routinely handle APS cases. Additional members may include: a financial forensics expert; a person with expertise who would help monitor a particular case, such as a subject matter expert in the area of financial exploitation or self-neglect; a local bank manager/officer and/or a financial management specialist with access to the banking community; physician or geriatric registered nurse (home health care experience preferred); domestic violence program advocate; and clergy, a local person with counseling experience who can also provide advice from a religious perspective.

Creation & Authority



Meets monthly or as necessary.


One year