The operation of public mass transportation system, principally within Nueces County, Texas and portions of San Patricio County. The RTA is not authorized to levy property taxes.


The RTA Board of Directors consists of 11 board members who are appointed to two-year terms. The members of the Board elect the Chairman. The Board is appointed in the following way: 5 directors appointed by the City of Corpus Christi, 3 directors appointed by Nueces County Commissioners Court, and 2 directors appointed by the Area Committee of Mayors.

Creation & Authority

The RTA was established by referendum of August 10, 1985. This Board is authorized by VACS 1118Y.


First Wednesday of every month at 8:30 a.m., at the TxDOT building on Greenwood Dr., Corpus Christi, Texas. 


Two year terms, with a maximum of eight years. Board positions expire in September of odd-numbered years.