Description of Office Continued

Some of those responsibilities are:

  • Setting up computers for users
    • installing any user specific software/hardware
    • moving files over from their old computer
    • making sure their email works
  • Setting up new employees on the network
    • creating their network accounts and making sure they can log onto the network
    • creating their email accounts if necessary
    • insuring they have access to any programs/systems needed to perform their jobs
    • physically setting up the machines in the user's work space
  • Maintaining SQL and ORACLE databases
    • setting and updating security
    • running backups of data
    • creating new SQL code for user specific needs
  • Trouble-shooting issues for the public over the phone
  • Maintaining the HP3000 mainframe
    • running backups
    • trouble-shooting user issues
  • Maintaining/updating the County's website and intranet
  • Setting up of computer equipment or projectors for special events (i.e. the Election Night display in the atrium)
  • Testing new systems for the County
    • insuring it meets the needs of the County
    • writing interfaces between the new system and any currently existing systems that will continue to be used
  • Training on new procedures to stay up to date