The telephone number 911 has been designated the Universal Emergency Number for the public to request emergency assistance. This system was created to provide a quick response by police, fire, medical, and other emergency services.

Nueces County Department of Public Works is charged with establishing and maintaining a uniform addressing system for the rural areas of Nueces County. This is accomplished by assigning address numbers to the various properties, collecting occupant information, and providing updates of the address information to the public safety answering point.


Any time a new house is built or when people change residences in the rural areas of Nueces County an Address Verification Form should be submitted to Nueces County Department of Public Works. The information provided is forwarded to the public safety answering point for use if emergency assistance is requested.

To view or print the 9-1-1 Address Verification Form click on Verification Form (Adobe PDF).

DISPLAY OF ADDRESS 911_street_th

For the 9-1-1 system to work effectively all houses should display a street address number. The address numbers should be clearly visible, placed in a conspicuous location, oriented toward the road, and have numerals a minimum of three (3) inches in height.