Description of Office Continued

The mission of the Department of Public Works is to manage and operate the County's system of roads and bridges, provide facilities management services for the County's buildings, and provide engineering services and management for various county programs.

To accomplish our mission we will need to:

Anticipate future roadway and building needs by maintaining an up-to-date system of asset inventory and assessment, continuously update long range plans, and prepare a yearly capital improvement program which matches identified needs to funding.

Operate, maintain, and improve the County's roads, bridges and buildings with the effective, efficient, and productive use of both county personnel and private contractors.

Manage the orderly development of the rural areas of the County through the regulation of subdivision construction, development in floodplains, and the permitting of utilities in County rights-of-way.

Protect the safety, health, and welfare of the citizens living in rural areas by delivering timely services for 9-1-1 addressing, code enforecment, solid waste collection, illegal dumping cleanup, and vector control.

Provide effective and efficient engineering services for the design of infrastructure improvements and construction contract administration.

Protect the natural environment by operating a storm water management program and by supporting and participating in air quality initiatives.

Work cooperatively with other counties, cities, agencies, and organizations to plan and manage the development and expansion of regional transportation facilities.

Support the professional development of the Department of Public Works employees by providing appropriate job related training.

Protect the personal safety of the Department of Public Works employees by managing a safety program which includes safety meetings, training, and employee recognition.