Beachfront Construction Certificates and Other Required Permits

Other local governments within Nueces County comply with and enforce the Texas Open Beaches Act (Section 61, Texas Natural Resources Code) by requiring a Beachfront Construction Certificate for all activities which might potentially impair the public's right to access to use and have access to and from the public beaches on North Padre or Mustang Islands.

The City of Port Aransas oversees the beach access program within its City limits. The City of Corpus Christi oversees this permitting program for all other coastal land within the City of Corpus Christi corporate limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction on Padre and Mustang Islands within Nueces and Kleberg Counties. Throughout coastal Texas other local governments oversee similar beach access permitting programs to ensure compliance.

State or national parks, wildlife refuges, preserves, or similar state or federal areas are exempt. Oil and gas exploration/production, livestock grazing, and certain other activities are exempt.

Contact your local government about additional permits needed to ensure compliance with local zoning restrictions, building codes, and other local, state, or federal requirements.