Potential applicants may contact the Nueces County Department of Public Works, prior to initiating a permit application, to determine whether the proposed construction activity requires a permit.

Potential applicants are urged to contact the Nueces County Department of Public Works, and to meet with members of the County Beach Management Advisory Committee to present an initial overview of the proposed activity, prior to preparing the formal application. This permits committee members to make helpful suggestions before an applicant expends significant resources in preparing the application itself.

Completed applications are submitted to the Office of County Judge of Nueces County. Once an application is considered administratively complete, it is forwarded to the Chairperson of the Beach Management Advisory Committee for committee review. The purpose of the committee review is to provide advice to the Commissioners Court.

The Beach Management Advisory Committee will meet no sooner than 14 days of receipt of the application by the Chairperson, to conduct an on-site inspection of the site and to consider the application.

If the applicant proposes changes to the application during the committee meeting, the applicant shall, within 10 days of the committee meeting, submit to the County Judge a modified application consistent with the proposed changes.

Within 14 days of the committee meeting the committee will forward to the County Judge a report of its findings, with a recommendation to approve or deny the request.

Upon receipt of the committee report the County Judge will immediately forward to the Texas General Land Office the final application, a statement of opinion that the proposed activity is or is not consistent with requirements of the Nueces County Beach Management Plan, and other required information. The Texas General Land Office has 10 days to comment if desired.

The County Judge shall place the application on the agenda for consideration by the Commissioners Court no less than 10 days after the application is received by the General Land Office.

Contact the Nueces County Department of Public Works for further information.