Nueces County Dune Protection Permit Application Form for Exemption from a Permit (Part II., H, Appliocation Process, Nueces County Beach Management Plan)

For all proposed exemption requests, applicants must provide line item responses, attachments, and as applicable, shall submit the following information:

  1. A cover letter to the County Judge requesting an exemption from the requirements of a Dune Protection Permit.
  2. Name, address, phone number, email contact and, if applicable, fax number of the applicant, and the property owner, if different from the applicant.
  3. Street address of the lot/property.
  4. A complete legal description of the tract and a statement of its size in square feet.
  5. A written statement which describes the topography of the site and includes a statement that no critical dune areas exist in the area of the proposed construction activity.
  6. Description of the construction activity that will allow determination of whether direct or indirect effects will occur to critical dune areas. Recommended information includes:
    1. Number of proposed structures, and if they are habitable structures or amenities
    2. The number of parking spaces
    3. The size (SQFT) of the lot
    4. The size (SQFT) of the constructed footprint of the habitable structure
    5. The size of construction (footprint) of all impervious surfaces and structures such as building footprint, driveways, detached garages, etc.
    6. Approximate percentage of constructed area with size of the lot
    7. Description of the topography and aerial views of the lot that visually depict its topography/surface and contours and surrounding areas
    8. Depictions of construction area on the lot and photographs of the lot from North, South, East and West
    9. The approximate length of the construction process
  7. A plat of the lot with reference to its subdivision and layout showing locations of the Mean High Tide Line (MHTL), Line of Vegetation (LOV), critical dunes (if any), 1000 ft. Dune Protection Line (DPL), with distances measured out in feet with reference to them. Your statement or a certified document attesting the distances by a Texas Registered Public Land Surveyor (RPLS) is recommended (RPLS is not mandated).
  8. Photographs of the site which clearly show the location of the proposed construction, the current location of the line of vegetation, and the existing dunes on the property.
  9. A statement certifying the proposed construction activity will not adversely impact the beach/dune ecology, environment, critical and other dunes and that all construction will be restricted to the lot and will not encroach outside the lot or on adjoining property.
  10. A statement by the applicant if the proposed construction complies with Nueces County’s dune protection plans (Beach Management and Erosion Control Plan Rules) and the Texas General Land Office Rules.

Please refer to Part II, H., Application Process, Nueces County Beach Management Plan for elaboration and additional information.