Illegal Dumping TrashCleanUp

Illegal dumping creates environmental hazards and costs Nueces County residents tax dollars. It costs nearly $100,000 per year to clean illegally dumped trash. Sites that are not cleaned up can lead to a number of health and safety concerns. Illegal dumping also fosters a negative image in a community. People are much more likely to dump on property where a dumpsite already exists. Stopping illegal dumping makes good environmental and economic sense. Let's solve this problem by working together with our environmental enforcement office for a cleaner, healthier and safer community.

To report illegal dumping, call 361-289-1492 or 361-888-0490 or Email us at Public Works.

Enforcement trashonrow

Nueces County has two licensed Texas Peace Officers who enforce the State’s public health laws. These trained Environmental Investigators are dedicated to enforcing the law and work with authorities to prosecute offenders who violate environmental laws on public and private proprieties within the unincorporated areas of Nueces County. These officers not only investigate the illegal dumping of waste, but also public nuisance properties, junked vehicles, and used tire dumping. We enforce violations of the Texas Health & Safety Code, Texas Water Code, Texas Penal Code, and Texas Transportation Code. In addition to responding to complaints, these officers proactively patrol the county looking for violations and tracking violators.

Solid Waste Services EnvOfficer

Nueces County provides rural area household garbage and brush collection services through a private solid waste contractor. Refer to our Information page for more information.

How to Help
  • Spread the word that illegal dumping is a crime.
  • Take your used oil, tires and batteries to a local retailer or recycle center.
  • Use only authorized commercial trash services.
  • Do not burn old tires, treated lumber, wiring, insulation, furniture, carpet, oils or chemical waste.
  • Report illegal dumping.
  • For more ideas on how to get involved, refer to the Take Care of Texas web site.
Stormwater Basics

When we pollute our ditches and storm water inlets with debris, chemicals and oils we are actually mixing these contaminants with storm water and sending hazardous waste to our local streams, rivers, lakes and bays which are the same bodies of water we fish, swim and drink from. Our Storm water Basics Poster and Storm water News Letter are both available for download and distribution. Feel free to make copies and "Spread the Word" about storm water. Printed copies in several sizes and pamphlets are also available at the Public Works office at the Nueces County Courthouse. Call us at 361-888-0490.

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