The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently initiated a project to study and update ourFEMAFloodRisk floodplain information in Nueces county. This project is part of FEMA's nationwide risk MAP (Mapping, Assessment, Planning) effort which builds on the strengths of its previous Flood Map Modernization program. Risk MAP will continue to focus on improving and maintaining flood hazard data and maps and reducing losses to life and property through improved mitigation plans and activities.

Why Update the Maps

The flood maps and data currently reflect information that was available at the time they were developed. The data and methodologies used in producing the existing coastal area flood maps date back to the late 1970's. Consequently, our flood hazard areas currently shown may not reflect the effects of recent development or other changes to environment and may not be detailed or reliable to show the flood risks.

Tools Available to Assist Local Communities

Several new tools are available to assist the public to view the changes to flood risk in their community, neighborhood or property. Refer to the tools below:

FEMA Interactive Web Portal - provides address lookup, old floodplain, new floodplain and changes to floodplains.

FEMA Draft FIRMs - Interactive indexed map of draft FIRMs in Adobe PDF format.

Nueces County Floodplain Map - Large Adobe PDF map showing the old and new floodplains along with rural subdivisions.

Nueces County Interactive Map - Developed locally using FEMA data to show rural subdivisions and floodplains. Also has address lookup.

Informational Brochures
Changes Since Last FIRM - Factsheet Discussing FEMA's Interactive Portal.

Increasing Awareness - Factsheet Discussing Why Update the Maps.