Plat Required

In general, when land located outside the limits of a municipality is divided into two or more parts, or tracts, the Commissioners Court is required by state law to review the proposed subdivision. The owner of the land must have a Plat of the proposed subdivision prepared and must submit it, along with other required documents, to the Department of Public Works. To view the Nueces County Subdivision Regulations click on Subdivision Regulations.


A plat is not required if certain conditions listed in the Nueces County Subdivision Regulations are met.

Review and Approval of Plats

The Department of Public Works will review the Plat to assure that it conforms to the Nueces County Subdivision Regulations. Upon completion of the review the Plat will be presented to the Commissioners Court for approval.

Filing And Recording Of Plats

Once the Commissioners Court approves the Plat the owner must have it filed and recorded with the County Clerk.

Subdivisions In Floodplains And Coastal High Hazard Areas

If the proposed subdivision is within a floodplain or a coastal high hazard area then the provisions of the Floodplain Damage Prevention Ordinance and/or the Nueces County Beach Management Plan may apply.

Manufactured Home Rental Communities


A Manufactured Home Rental Community is a plot or tract of land that is separated into two or more spaces or lots that are rented, leased, or offered for rent or lease, for a term of less than 60 months without a purchase option, for the installation of manufactured homes for use and occupancy as residences.

Infrastructure Development Plan

A property as defined above is not subject to the Platting requirements but must have an Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP) prepared and submitted to the Department of Public Works. To view the regulations for Manufactured Home Rental Communities and the Infrastructure Development Plan click on Subdivision Regulations.

The IDP must address a number of items, including:
  1. The location of streets, easements, and any public dedications.
  2. Size and location of rental spaces.
  3. Legal description and boundary of the development.
  4. Provisions for water supply, wastewater disposal, and electrical service.
  5. Construction plans for roadway access.
  6. Drainage Design Plans.

Approval of Infrastructure Development Plans

Periodic inspections may be conducted by the Department of Public Works. Upon completion of the work the owner must send a written notice to the Department of Public Works requesting a final inspection. If the work is in conformance with the IDP the County Engineer will issue a Certificate of Compliance. The owner must provide a copy of the Certificate of Compliance to the various utilities before they will provide services.