Utility Line Installation

The installation of utility lines in county owned right-of-way is governed by Texas law and regulations passed by the Nueces County Commissioners Court.

In general, all public utilities and common carries such as water, sewer, natural gas, electric, telephone, petroleum, etc. will be allowed to place lines within county right-of-way, both parallel to the roadway and crossing above or below.

To view the Nueces County regulations for the installation of utility lines click on Utility Regulations (Adobe PDF).

Required Submission

Before the installation of a utility line can begin in county right-of-way, as a minimum, the following items must be submitted and approval granted:

  1. A form entitled Notice of Proposed Utility Line must be filled out. Copies are available from the Department of Public works. To view or print the form click on Utility Notice (Adobe PDF). Now you can fill it out online!
  2. A map or plat showing the proposed utility line in relation to the various roads in Nueces County.
  3. Detailed plans and specifications of the proposed utility line indicating the height or depth, distance from the right-of-way line, etc.
Permit Approval
  1. No work is to be performed within county right-of-way until the notice form has been approved by the county engineer.
  2. A copy of the notice form, and all attachments, must be kept at the jobsite.
  3. The Department of Public Works will conduct periodic inspections of the work in progress