FAQ Property Tax

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General Questions

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  • Where can I pay my property taxes?

  • Can the delinquent tax attorneys sell my property for unpaid taxes?

  • Can I pay my current taxes instead of my delinquent taxes?

  • What is the procedure for purchasing abandoned property?

  • Can I make monthly payments on my delinquent taxes?

  • I paid off my house and my mortgage company will not be paying my taxes this year. How do I make sure that I receive my tax statement?

  • When are the statements mailed out and when are taxes due?

  • Why do I have to pay penalty and interest when I never received a bill?

  • I received a bill for personal property taxes, but I do not own any real estate; I just lease it for my business. Why am I receiving a bill on property I do not own? Should the property owner be paying this?

  • How is my property value determined?

  • What are some exemptions? How do I apply?

  • This is not my property. What shall I do with this statement?

  • The name and address on this statement are incorrect. How can I get it changed?

  • What is a tax account number and what do you mean by a "legal description"?

  • I sold part of my acreage. How can I pay my taxes on what I actually own?

  • I received my tax statement and it does not show my exemption. What should I do?

  • I own several adjoining lots and the homestead was assigned to the wrong lot. How do I get it corrected?

  • I received a homestead exemption for the current year, but I sold the property. How can I correct this matter?

  • Why are my taxes higher this year than in previous years?

  • What kind of payment options are available?

  • The Nueces County Appraisal District reduced my value. When will I receive another statement?

  • How can I protest my appraised value?

  • We are over 65 and pay no taxes. We received a statement showing a fire district tax. Why?

  • The mortgage company paid my current taxes. I failed to claim the homestead. How do I get a refund?

  • Can a refund be mailed directly to me?

  • What is a tax certificate, and how can I obtain one?

  • Can you send me a statement on my taxes for part of the year?

  • Why am I getting a delinquent tax bill on a parcel I just purchased?