Permit Information

Coin-operated machines are defined as either music coin-operated machines or skill/pleasure coin-operated machines. All public establishments which have coin-operated machines on their premises must obtain a permit for each machine from the Nueces County Tax Office every year. The permit must be affixed to each individual machine. Machines not requiring a permit are: any non-coin operated machine, cigarette vending machine, service merchandise vending machines, or coin-operated amusement machines designed exclusively for children.

The annual fee (January 1 through December 31) for a permit is $15.00 if it is purchased during the first quarter of the calendar year. However, if the machine is acquired after the first quarter of the year the permit fee is as follows:

If Purchased Between Fee Due
April 1st and June 30th $11.25
July 1st and September 30th $7.50
October 1st and December 31st $3.75

Permits for the current year go on sale beginning December 1st, and must be affixed on machines by January 1st.

Should a permit be removed or torn from a machine, the owner should obtain a police report of the incident and also contact the Nueces County Tax Office for a replacement permit. A copy of the police report is mandatory in order to obtain a replacement permit. The fee for a replacement permit is $5.00.

Coin-operated machine permits can be purchased at the downtown location, Permits can also be purchased by mail; however, it is advisable to contact the Nueces County Tax Office at (361) 888-0425 first to insure that you send the proper documentation with your correspondence. The mail should be addressed to Attn: Coin-Operated Permit Dept. Kevin Kieschnick, RTA, Tax Assessor-Collector, 901 Leopard, Ste. 301, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401.