Fallen Heroes

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 hero-corpus image of headstones at COASTAL BEND STATE VETERANS CEMETERY IN CORPUS CHRISTINueces County Memorial to our Fallen Heroes

This page is dedicated to those service members from Nueces County who died in the service of their country during war. We honor their memory and their sacrifice in defense of our nation, state and county, the freedoms and rights we cherish, and the families and loved ones they left behind.

We are grateful for the tireless work of local military historian, Silver Star Medal recipient and tireless veteran advocate, Mr. Ram Chavez, who has worked to chronicle the military service of men and women from the Coastal Bend area from a wide variety of records. Please contact our webmaster to correct missing or incomplete information .

“May their souls and the souls of all their comrades rest in peace.”

World War I

Benjamin Birmingham - Army

Albert Blair - Army

Otto Hercek - Army

Leo O Reioux - Army

Arsket E Stephens - Army

Arthur Grant - Army

Jesus Guzman - Army

George McDonald - Army

William A Roper - Army

John H Timon – Army


World War II

Henry Adkins - Army

Frank Z Aguilar - Army

Valentine R Almanza - Army

Ruffus Edgar Alston - Mariner

Enrique C Alvarado - Army

Carl L R Anderka Jr - Army

Antonio Arambula - Army

Heraclio S Arispe - Army

Jan D Arnold - Army AF

Robert M Arthur - Army AF

Prudencio Ayarzagoitia Jr - Army

Harold R Bailey - Army

James R Barron - Army

Jose M Basaldu - Army AF

Thomas Edgar Baumgarten  - Navy

Clyde W Beatty - Army AF

Francis J Benson - Army

Aubrey R Biggs - Army

Jesse W Bledsoe - Army AF

Jose V Bocanegra - Army

Joseph R Bowen - Army

Ben W Bragg - Army AF

Monroe L Brown - Army

Ralph R Brown - Army

William John Brownlee - Army AF

William J Brownlee - Army

James L Bruce - Army AF

Gordon R Buchanan - Army

Floyd M Buchel - Army

Clarence M Burkett - Army

Aaron L Burns - Army

Marcelo F Caballero - Army

Van D Callaway - Army AF

Billy C Campbell - Army

Horace D Campbell - Army

Pat C Campbell - Army

Severino A Cantu - Army

Thomas O Carriker  - Army

Stanley Carter Jr - Army

Arturo F Casillas - Army

Fred Morcombe Cauley Jr - Navy

Willard B Corley - Army AF

Albert W Cox - Army AF

M D Cranfill - Army

Charles Critchfield - Army

Thomas M Crocker - Army

John P Crooks - Army

Jesse G Crowson - Army

Tom W Crunk - Army

Dan C Cryer - Army AF

Manuel N Cuellar - Army

Valentine Cuellar - Army

Alfredo L Davila - Army

Ben L Dean - Army

Ray S Deming Jr - Army

Walter R Denkeler - Army

Wallace L Dinn - Army AF

Adolphur Doring - Army AF

Leo P Dornhoefer - Army

Jack D Driver - Army

James H Duff - Army

Jack Dunham - Army

Harold D Dyer - Army

Jacob A Eckols - Army AF

G Elizondo Jr - Army

Harvey L Ellison - Army AF

Roy B Erwin Jr - Army

Corando G Escobedo - Army

James Augustus Fasnacht - Navy

Larry L Ferrell - Army AF

Norbert O Finks - Army AF

Walter S Foster - Army

Laddio J Gallia - Army

Pedro G Garcia - Army

Raul H Garcia - Army

Amadeo R Garza - Army

Elgin R Glenn - Army

Jack M Glore - Army

Hamilton F Glover - Army

Hubert B Godbee - Army

Felix M Gomez - Army

Jesus M Gomez - Army

Grigorio R Gonzales - Army

Alvin O Graff - Army

John T Graham Jr - Army

James R Grove - Army

Othon Q Guillen - Army

Santiago R Gutierrez - Army AF

Celestino R Guzman - Army

John H Halbrook - Army

Hayden Newton Hale - Army

Roderick W Hale - Army AF

James M Haley - Army

Marvin M Hall - Army

Drouth H Hancock Jr - Army

Robert Murray Hanson - Marines

David E Harbaugh - Army

Bobby L Hardy - Army

John A Hattenbach - Army

Carlos A Hernandez - Army

Dan G Hester - Army

Kenneth D Hilliard - Army

Kenneth B Hinkel - Army AF

Alvin J Hoelscher - Army

S F Hollingsworth - Army

Lonnie O Holloway Jr - Army

Wilbur A Homeyer - Army AF

Purlmon H Horne - Army

Charles R Hoskins - Army

Stanley Hroch - Army

Stanley Hrock - Army

Lloyd H Hughes - Army

Enrique S Humada - Army

Claude E Hunt - Army

Louis B Janosek - Army

Jack M Jarrell Jr - Army AF

Dale Johnson - Army

Henry W Johnson - Army AF

Benjamin W Jones - Army AF

Drackart L Jones - Army

Jasper H Jones - Army

John Toivo Kem- ainen - Mariner

Wallace C Kroll - Army

Thomas W Lacy - Army

Homer C Land - Army

Gregorio A Lazcano - Army

Jesse Murray Leach Jr - Marines

Tomas F Leal - Army

Jack D Lester - Army

H L Livengood Jr - Army

William D Long - Army

Efrain Longoria - Army AF

Juan P Lopez - Army

Bob H Lovely - Army AF

George A Lowery - Army

Joseph K Lowrance - Army

Fred J Macha - Army

John Malavansos - Army

Murry G Marshall - Army

Jesus G Martinez - Army

Joseph M Martinez - Army

Vincent Martinez - Army

John D McBride Jr - Army AF

Charles McCallister - Army

Carson F McCormick - Army

J W McCravey - Army

Patrick R Mcguirt - Army AF

Arthur D McKinney Jr - Army AF

Clyde C McMeans - Navy

Wylie Mcnatt Jr - Army AF

Hilario A Medina - Army

George W Medley - Army

Seferino O Mendez - Army

Ismael L Mercado - Army

Francis H Metzger - Army AF

Charles A Mew - Army

Alvin B Miller - Army

Joe H Mills - Army

James R Mitchell - Army AF

Elmore A Mittanck - Army

Pascual Montanez - Army

Jackson P Montgomery - Army

Olegario Z Moralez - Army

Crespin W Moreno Jr - Army

Pedro Moreno - Army

Antonio G J Muguerza - Army

Bobby B Mullen - Army

Thurman M Munson - Army

Chester L Nelson - Army AF

Donald F Newell - Army

Ingvald C Nilsen - Mariner

Clarence Edwin Nolen - Mariner

Thomas Earl O'Neal - Navy

Jesse A Ogden - Army

Martin T Ortega - Army

Ramon Ortiz - Army

James M Osborne - Army

Robert J Owens - Army

Ernest M Parham - Army

Joseph Hollis Passmore - Army

Miles Pavlovich  - Army

William Hobbs Pearcy - Mariner

Cecil Pearson - Army

Encarnacion J Pena - Army

James A Pensyl - Army

Ernest G Peralex - Army

John C Peralex - Army

Guy Pledger Jr - Army

Del Mar Poer - Army

James R Poole - Army

Theodore G Poole - Army

Anderson B Prather - Army

Roy G Prezas - Army

John D Proctor Jr - Army

Wilbur C Pyle - Army

Walter R Quinn - Army

Gilberto Quintanilla - Army

John Daniel Ragland  - Army

Cenobia Ramirez - Army

Adelberto Ramon - Army

Joe M Rangel - Army

William M Rascoe - Army

John W Regmund Jr - Army AF

John W Reiss - Army AF

Arnulfo E Rendon - Army

Eduardo Reyes - Army

Thomas L Rike Jr - Army AF

Jesus Riojas - Army AF

Ernest Martin Ritchey  - Army

John R Robles - Army

Benito Rodriguez - Army

David G Rodriguez - Army

\Kenneth Rougeot - Army

Johnathan N Routh - Army

Samuel D Rudder Jr - Army

Roy R Rule - Army AF

Morris D Rupe - Army

Lawrence Albert Russell - Mariner

Garnett E Saint Jr - Army

Oscar C Salazar - Army

Oscar M Saldana - Army

Juan Saldivar - Army

John J Sanders - Army AF

Estanislado Sandoval - Army

Jose A Santoy - Army

John William Schwer - Army

Isidore Schwirtlich - Army

Louis C See - Army

Warren Joseph Sherrill - Navy

Charles S Simmons - Army

Clinton E Smith Jr - Army

Otto M Smith - Army AF

Joe K Snider - Army

Angel G Solis - Army

Raymond C Stewart - Army

Richard E Stewart - Army

Robert E Sundberg - Army

Richard E Taylor - Army

Raymond H J Townsend Jr - Army AF

Leman E Tutor - Army AF

George T Tyler - Army

Ismael Valverde - Army AF

Alfred Leroy Van Deren Jr - Army AF

Francisco J Vasquez - Army

August C Vollmering - Army

Frank J Volz - Army

Gordon H Warner - Army

Bernard G Whitworth - Army AF

George W Wiggins - Army

Wilmer W Wilkins - Army

Roy L Wilkinson - Army

Tilmon P Williams - Army

Jack D Wilson - Army

Robert Thomas Wilson Jr - Army

Wayne H Wilson - Army

Kenneth S Wolfe - Army

Joseph E Woods Jr - Army

Ernest M Wundt - Army

Wallace William Wurz - Army

Reynaldo S Zapata - Army


Korean War

James Lathem Ables - Marines

Adams James C Adams - Army

Aleman Leonel Aleman - Army

Appleby Billy Roy Appleby - Marines

Ayala Bernardo R Ayala - Marines

Bowers James E Bowers - Army

Bowie Phom Bowie - Army

Buitron Carlos S Buitron - Army

Tler Arthur B Tler - Army

Castillo Pablo A Castillo - Army

Flores Jesus C Flores - Army

Franco Noe Ranco - Army

Arcia Raynaldo C Garcia - Army

Garza Alberto B Garza - Army

Garza Richard Castillo Garza - Marines

Gadolfo Moreno Gutierrez - Marines

Bobby L Handlin - Army

George Norman Haskett - Marines

Dale O Hoskins - Army

William C Kettrick - Marines

Eugene A Maeckel - Army

Victor Malacara - Marines

Alfred Mc Clintock - Army

John L Mc Taggart - Army

Frank Owens Jr - Army

Joe N Patterson Jr - Army

Albino Suares Pena - Marines

Bonifaci Rodriguez - Army

Roberto Rodriques - Army

Leopoldo L Ruiz - Army

Joe Salazar Jr - Army

Dan Stephens Jr - Marines

Paul Norman Storaasli - Marines

Donald R Thomas - Army

Billy Thompson - Marines

Kenneth Adrian Thornton - Marines

James Trammell - Army

Freddie Joe Veit - Marines

Eliseo C Vergara - Army

Jesus Villarreal - Army

Audrey H Wooster - Army


Vietnam War

SPC 4 Ruben Lopez Rocha - US Army

SGT 1st CLASS Louie Don Briscoe, Jr - US Army

SGT Ramon Hernandez Torres - US Army

PFC Wilton James Sullinger - US Army

CPL Benito Reyna Gonzalez - US Army

STAFF SGT Faybert Ray Bradshaw - US Army

CWO Joe Thomas Welborn - US Army

CPL Williams A Jennings, 3rd - USMC

PFC Miguel Garcia, Jr. - USMC

LCPL Espiridion Perez - USMC

SPC 4 William R. Mindach - US Army

1st SGT Benito Perez - US Army

LCPL Raul Flores - USMC

ENG. 2nd CLASS Jerry Phillips  - USCG

PFC Alfredo Castanon - USMC

PFC Dwight King Satterwhite - USMC

PFC Ralph Gary Till - US Army

SGT Joe Luis Ronje - USMC

STAFF SGT Julius Greathouse, Jr - US Army

SPC 4 Alfredo Jose Saenz - US Army

COL. Woodrow Hoover Wilburn - US Air Force

PFC James Allen Angermiller - USMC

CAPT. Gary Lynn Hobbs - US Army

SGT Pedro Incarnacion Garcia - US Army

SGT Evaristo Vilano - US Army

PFC Francisco Garza - US Army

PFC Leonardo Leos - USMC

LCPL Theodore Carroll New City, Jr - USMC

LCPL Desiderio C. Laurel, Jr - USMC

CPL Jesus Yanez, Jr - USMC

CPL Lonnie Joseph Ducote, Jr - US Army

SGT Cary Paul Queen - US Army

LCPL Richard Guerrero, Jr - USMC

LCPL Juan Armando Rodriguez - USMC

PFC Sanders Key Stroud - US Army

CPL Robert Ochoa - US Army

SPC 4 Jose Ramos - US Army

2nd LT Robert Isaac Terry - USMC

STAFF SGT Samuel Blunt - US Army

LCPL Michael Eugene Vaught - USMC

STAFF SGT Emmett Lee York, Jr - US Army

SPC 4 Jose G. Cortez - US Army

SPC 4 Ignacio Alvarez, Jr - US Army

STAFF SGT Raul Ruben Lamas - US Army

SGT Robert J. Rylander - US Army

PFC Faustino Trevino - US Army

SPC 5 Gary Duane Fortner - US Army

STAFF SGT Howard C. Williams, Jr - US Army

CPL Samuel Reyna - USMC

CPL David Joe Caballero - US Army

PFC Adolfo Moreno Perez - US Army

CPL Marcello C. Garza, Jr - US Army

PFC James Luther Hammons - USMC

SPC 4 Daniel Edward Jurecko - US Army

PFC Paul Gilbert Alaniz, Jr - USMC

CPL Thomas Massie Boyd, III - USMC

LCPL Rolando Hernandez - USMC

PFC George Guerra, Jr - US Army

LCPL Severiano Amador - USMC

SPC 4 Sidney McLean Conolly, Jr -  US Army

CPL Roger Lee Stroud - USMC

PFC Donald John Krussow - US Army

SGT Rodolfo Perez - USMC

1st LT. John Ernest Russell - US Army

SGT Robert Sidney Roberson, Jr - US Army

1st LT. Douglas James Cavin - US Army

PFC Loyde Harold Simpson - US Army

LCPL Roberto Mendez - USMC

SPC 4 Gerald Dan Williams - US Army

PFC Jose Manuel Trejo - USMC

LT JrG William Clinton Niedecken - US Navy

CAPT. George Meerdink, Jr - USMC

CPL Robert Charles Mora - US Army

LCPL Norman Wade Kellum - USMC

1st LT. Kenneth Robert Eyring - US Army

CPL Manuel Hernandez, Jr - US Army

LCPL Espiridion Perez - USMC

CPL Billy Gene Waid - USMC

PFC Daniel Gauna, Jr - USMC

CPL Manuel Juan Pena - USMC

CAPT. George Dare Carr - US Army

PFC Jose Luis Salazar - USMC

SGT Alan Earl Sanders - US Army

LCPL Guillermo Davila, Jr - USMC

2nd LT. Philip Nicholas Huth, II - USMC

CPL John Charles Sims, Jr - US Army

SGT Israel Esparza - US Army

CPL Kenneth Edwin Singer - US Army

LCPL Jose Angel Ortiz - USMC

STAFF SGT Gayle Edward Williams - US Army

STAFF SFT Francis Marion Logan, III - US Army

WO Ken Allen Mc Cartney - US Army

SPC 4 Joe B Ojeda - US Army

LT JrG Robert Godwin Browne - US Navy

PFC Encarnacion Ledesma - USMC

SGT James Edward Brooks - US Army

PFC Gilberto Padilla - USMC

CAPT. Raymond Robert Dulak, Jr - US Army

CAPT Barry Wayne Hilbrich - US Army

LCPL Gilberto Garcia - USMC

SPC 4 Jesus Moreno, Jr - US Army

PFC Kirk Wayne Sims - US Army

SGT Roberto Lerma Patino - US Army

SGT David Elizondo - US Army

LT. COL Richard Castillo - US Air Force

CAPT Barry Wayne Hilbrich - US Army

COL. Woodrow Hoover Wilburn - US Air Force

Terrance Lee Bowell - US Army

SGT Ernest Baldonado Amador - USMC

PFC Arnold Falcon Garcia - USMC

Capt. Robert Wayne Wranosky - US Army

SPC 4 Jose Sanchez Montemayor  - US Army

LCPL Juan Jose Ramirez - USMC

STAFF SGT Jerry Cecil Mc Donald - US Army

PFC Ruben Garza Chavez - US Army

STAFF SGT Jesus Gonzalez - US Army


Persian Gulf

Andy Alaniz - US Army

Hector Rene Perez - US Army

Zachary Alan Kolda - USMC

Paul Carroll Holter - USMC

Paul Christopher Alaniz - USMC

Danny Anderson - US Army

Rogelio Rolando Garza - US Army

Merideth Leigh Howard - US Army

John Paul Barta - US Army

Matthew D Ogden - US Army

Joe Jesus Garza - US Army

Anselmo Martinez - US Army