Asset Forfeitures

In order to initiate a Chapter 59 forfeiture action, all law enforcement agencies should verify that a local agreement exists between the Nueces County District Attorney's Office and your agency.

All law enforcement agencies are encouraged to file their cases using the Asset Forfeiture Application form. The Asset Forfeiture Application form serves as a guide for minimum documentation needed to complete the file for the District Attorney's Office. Once the form is completed and submitted electronically, the agency must then bring the requested documentation to the District Attorney's Office for processing.

All cases must be received by the District Attorney's Office prior to the limitations deadline of 30-days from date of seizure. It is strongly recommended that the agency submit their cases five (5) days before the deadline date. Due to technical difficulties the Asset Forfeiture Application is not available in electronic format. Please submit a paper application to the DA's office. Sorry for any inconvenience.