By clicking the eResponse link below, I verify that I understand and agree to my responsibilities as a jury member and wish to continue with the eResponse Online System. You will need your jury summons to do this.


Save yourself a trip to the courthouse by determining before your start date whether you are qualified, exempt, or wish to claim a one-time reschedule for jury duty.

By using eResponse, you could be randomly selected for an online jury panel. If selected for an online panel you will receive an email/text message with your jury instructions on the Wednesday or Thursday before your jury summons date. The date and time might change if you are selected for an online jury panel and MANDATORY attendance is required. You will report directly to the courtroom and bypass the central jury room.

If you are not selected for an online jury panel or choose not to use eResponse you will report to the central jury room on the date and time on your summons.

Legal reasons to be excused are listed under exemptions and qualifications on your jury summons. Economic and reasonable excuses have to be addressed inside the courtroom.


To login, you must provide your Candidate ID and Pin number. (Both are found on your summons)

  • Read each question carefully, not all answers will be the same. Don’t just click “Yes” or “No” without reading the list carefully.
  • Specific answers will require verification, before a legal exemption will be granted.

You must complete the ENTIRE questionnaire and submit your answers if you are asking to be excused, disqualified or deferred (rescheduled).

All text messages and automated phone reminders with have a caller ID of 361-336-0808, which is the Nueces County Jury Services interactive voice response system.


  • Must have daily email access
  • Must have cell phone able to receive text messages.
  • Sign into the Nueces County Jury System above using your candidate number and PIN from the summons. The PIN is unique to each summons.
  • The PIN is letter, number, letter, number
  • Check for text messages daily, follow instructions in the last message received.

Add as safe sender to avoid emails going to the Junk Folder -- especially if you are a Gmail or Yahoo user.

Generally all email notifications are sent out by 5 p.m.

Read all messages, remembering to scroll down to read entire message. If no email is received from Nueces County Jury Services (, then appear at the date and time listed on the summons.

What You Need to Know


  1. Bring your Jury Summons!
  2. Dress the Part

Trial Procedures
...and Finally...