The Probation Department is comprised of three different units each of which performs various functions with the juvenile justice process.

Intake/Diversion Unit

The Intake/Diversion Unit is comprised of probation officers, probation technicians, and a delinquency prevention specialist. This unit is the first form of contact when a juvenile is referred on new misdemeanor offenses. Supervision is tailored toward first time offenders and repeat offenders on informal supervision (deferred prosecution) or while pending court. Probation officers in this unit work closely with referred juveniles, their families, prosecutors, court appointed attorneys, retained defense attorneys, and the Court. This unit oversees cases as they progress through the court system and a final disposition has been reached. The delinquency prevention specialist offers services to deter at risk children from the downward spiral of bad decisions.

Court Services

Court Services is comprised of several probation officers that handle all first time felony offenses and some misdemeanor offenses. This unit oversees cases as they progress through the court system until a final disposition has been reached. In addition, this unit also works with juveniles on informal supervision (Deferred Prosecution). This unit also works closely with referred juveniles, their families, defense/court appointed attorneys, prosecutors, and the Court.

Field Services

Field Services Unit is comprised of several officers that receive cases after a juvenile appears in court and is placed on official probation. These probation officers supervise juveniles while on official probation through scheduled office visits, school visits and home visits. These probation officers reinforce the orders of the Court and make sure juveniles adhere to their conditions of probation. In addition, these officers work with juveniles and their families during the juvenile’s entire probation period. If a juvenile on official probation violates the Court’s orders or receives new offenses, these probation officers inform the Court of the violations of probation.

Officers from each unit also serve in satellite offices that supervise juveniles in the surrounding areas. Service area include Flour Bluff, Tuloso Midway, Calallen, Robstown, Agua Dulce, and Banquette.

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