When a juvenile is referred to our office from one of our local authorities, the victims department will contact you to inform you of your rights.

 Your rights as a victim can be found in Chapter 57 of the Texas Family Code.

A victim, victim’s guardian, or close relative of a deceased victim has the following rights:

  • Protection from harm or threats of harm arising from cooperating with prosecution efforts.
  • Victim or victim’s family safety, will be considered in decision-making regarding the juvenile offender.
  • To provide victim impact information.
  • To receive information about victim compensation and available victim services.
  • A separate waiting area, or minimal contact with the juvenile and his or her relatives.
  • Prompt return of property held as evidence when it is no longer needed.

 Victims of juvenile offenders have the following rights if they request it:

  • Information on juvenile justice procedures.
  • Notification of relevant court proceedings and any schedule changes.
  • Participation in the parole or transfer process
  • Notification of a transfer, release, discharge or escape.
  • Employer notification of necessary absences from work.

 Additional victim rights can be found in Article 56.02 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

 If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Angela Luna at 361-561-6019.