There are many forms that are required in order to ensure the best possible out come for residents. The following list is provided to ensure all forms are accounted for prior to the juvenile arriving at the facility.

 Form or Information

Provided by
 Dental Admissions
 Consent for Medical Care Admissions
 Physical Examination1 Admissions
 Physician's Release For Physical Training2 Admissions
 Medical Information and History Admissions
 TB and Pregnancy Test3 Admissions 
 Health history Form Admissions 
 Consent for Over-The-Counter Medication Admissions
 Copy of Private Insurance (if applicable) Parent
 Copy of Immunization Records Parent
 Resident Contact Authorization  Parent
 Emergency Contact Information  Parent
 Parent Orientation Acknowledgement  Parent
 Birth Certificate Parent
 Social Security Card Parent
 Home Language Survey  Parent
 Final Court Orders  Court
 Placement Order For Robert N. Barnes  Court
 Orders Affecting Parent/Guardian  Court
 Modified Conditions of Probation  Court
 Conditions of Probation  Court
 Court Disposition  Court
 Final Judgment  Court
 Release of Confidential Information  Parent / Guardian
 Publicity Release  Parent / Guardian
 Liability Waiver  Parent / Guardian
 Social History / Probation Officer's Report  Probation Officer
 Interagency Application (Common Application) Probation Officer
 Referral Summary  Probation Officer
 Withdrawal form from last school attended  School
 Transcripts and report cards  School
 Special Education Records and Last ARD (if applicable)  School


1 Physical Examination Form should not be older than 90 days from the date of admission.

2 Physician's Release for Physical Training should not be older than 30 days from the date of admission.

3 The TB and Pregnancy tests must be administered to the juvenile during the juveniles most recent confinement and the results read prior to the juvenile entering the program.