Length of Stay

The program’s length of stay is six to nine months, depending on the resident’s conduct. The resident can expect the maximum length of stay should they display unacceptable program adjustment or misconduct by violating facility rules.

A point system is utilized daily to accurately assess the residents’ progress throughout the program. This system reflects the residents’ behavior in three key areas:

  • Participation
  • Behavior
  • Communication

Residents will advance to the next higher level after earning the required number of points and completing a case management assignment.

  • An accumulation of 25 points equals one day
  • Points can be earned throughout the day (every 24 hours)
  • A daily Resident Evaluation form will reflect positive behavior and as well as points earned

Level I – Level IV (Out-of-County Residents)

  • Earn a total of 1125 points and serve a minimum of 45-days to advance to the next level. Once the resident advances to the next level he or she will begin with a new zero point total.
  • Points will be earned at the same rate to advance to the next level
  • Once the resident completes Level IV he or she successfully completes the program
  • The placing county (e.g., court order or probation officer) may order an early release