Courthouse Security

The Nueces County courthouse is monitored by a state of the art security system and a private security company. However, the Sheriff's Office provides one to two officers to monitor the courthouse and have purchased and explosive "bomb" detection K-9. After September 11th, the security of our government buildings was severely compromised. The "bomb" K-9 is stationed at the courthouse security gate and conducts walkthroughs of the entire courthouse premises.

Crime Data Section

The Crime Data Section of the Nueces County Sheriff's Office is a 24-hour, 7 days-a-week operation. The clerks assigned to this division are responsible for entering warrants into the TCIC/NCIC database and receiving teletypes.

Criminal Investigations Division

All Criminal Investigation Division's (CID) detectives are general assignment and can work all kinds of cases. The Nueces County Sheriff's Office prides itself on its 100% successful clearance rate on all major crimes

Internal Affairs

The Nueces County Sheriff's Office prides itself on the professionalism and courteousness of its employees. However, we understand that there are incidences where a citizen may feel that our employee(s) acted unprofessionally or illegally. We welcome your comments and suggestions and urge you to file an Internal Affairs report so that we can start an investigation. If there is any wrong-doing found, we will immediately correct the situation and take appropriate action.


MetroCom is a consolidated emergency dispatch center between the City of Corpus Christi and Nueces County. The City and the County agreed to consolidate their public safety dispatch centers into a single public safety answering point for the two jurisdictions of the two entities. The 800-mHz trunked radio communications system handles all law enforcement, fire, and EMS communications and emergency calls and dispatches all public safety services. The goal for MetroCom is to provide a regional, professionally staffed center that is cost effective and provides efficient provision of emergency services for the citizens served.


In an effort to combine resources and provide a better service to the citizens of Nueces County, the Nueces County Sheriff's Office has joined forces with the U. S. Marshal's Service, DEA and other law enforcement agencies. We have three deputies assigned to work with our local Drug Enforcement Administration office on the Texas Coastal Corridor Initiative High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program. The U. S. Marshal's Task Force provides our office reimbursements for overtime spent on major cases. This task force is a partnership between the Corpus Christi Police Department and the Nueces County Sheriff's Office. In addition to these alliances, the Nueces County Sheriff's Office has two Narcotic K-9's and trainer handlers.


The Nueces County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division oversees not only just Patrol, but the Narcotic K-9 Unit and the Reserve Unit. Nueces County has a population of 313,645 and covers 836 square miles. The Patrol Division consists of one Captain, one Lieutenant, 6 Sergeants, and 14 Deputies. Our Deputies work 10.0 hours shifts, 4 days a week. This schedule provides an enhanced and better service to the community and maximizes the deployment of our patrol vehicles. The shifts provide an overlap in manpower, which allows time for training at the end of each shift.